Saturday, 13 May 2017

The Plot - May 13, 2017

I haven't abandoned the blog, well, not completely.   Our  allotment plot has been taking A LOT of my time.  I've spent hours sowing seeds, preparing the soil, and planting up.  Finally, things are starting to grow!

As you can see, ours is the plot directly behind our garden fence.  Nice location don't you think?  It wasn't always like this.... 

This is how it all began last year around the fifth of July when we took over the plot.  They say you have to be an optimist to be a gardener but really, this bordered on lunacy! 

Today with the roses covered in little buds and the strawberry beds full of flowers, it all seems worth it.  There is lots more growing to do... watch this space!  

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Pasta Spoon Revelation

Every once in a while you get a 'light bulb' moment.  You know, when you hear or read something that makes you go... 'Of course! Why didn't I see that?'

Now you probably already knew this, but that hole in your pasta spoon is there for a reason.  It measures out one perfect adult portion of pasta.  Of course it does! 

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bean Sticks

The seed peas in the polytunnel have grown into proper little plants complete with tendrils.  It won't be long until they are ready to go out into the garden but before I plant them I need to make some supports for those tiny tendrils to twine around. 

I will probably make traditional bamboo tee pees for the runner beans and climbing peas. 

I like the look of these cane fences for the bush peas and beans.  

I've been doing some 'research' on plant supports and found lots of lovely ideas, for example, this rustic string bean trellis. 

Imagine the scent of sweet peas when you walk under this simple archway made of tied twigs.

I was really impressed with this Gothic arch made from green sticks, not that I have any use it, but it is beautiful.  Do you have a clever way to support your climbing plants?  

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Watermelon Story or Sugar Babies

When I started to sow seeds for Sugar Baby watermelons my thoughts immediately turned to my late Uncle Shanny.  He was a brilliant gardener who grew these delicious little melons just for me.  So when I saw the seeds were available in our allotment seed catalogue I knew I had to try to grow some.

Now that the seedlings are up I am reminded of my little brother.  When he was just a tot, we were eating slices of watermelon in our back garden.  He took great delight in spitting the seeds as far as he could, usually to detriment of his little sneakers.  His aim or range wasn't good, anyway.... 

He asked our Dad, 'will these really make watermelons?' Daddy answered in the affirmative but said they must be planted first.  Little brother picked out a sticky seed from his slice of melon and with a podgy, little finger shoved it into the ground.  To make sure he'd properly planted it, he stomped the seed further into the soil with his foot.  'There', he said, 'that will grow'.  Dad and I exchanged knowing looks.  This little seed didn't have a chance.  How wrong you can be! It did grow and produced a proper melon.  I can only hope I am half as lucky with these little seedlings, my first ever crop of Sugar Babies.  

Friday, 10 February 2017

The Old Aunties' Snow Cake

When I was a little girl, my mom would make snow ice cream for us.  She would take a BIG mixing bowl and collect freshly fallen snow.  Then she would mix sugar, milk, and vanilla and pour it over the snow.  The result was a delicious slush which had to be eaten at top speed before the snow melted away.  The result was always a fierce case of brain freeze but it was worth it! 

This charming painting by Inge Nook transported me back to those days of snow ice cream and the excitement of heavy snowfall.  I still love when it snows which just goes to show you never out grow snow ice cream, or in the Auties' case, snow cake. 

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Growing Old Disgracefully

I don't know where I first saw Inge Look's art work but I have fallen in love with her 'Aunties' paintings.  

These two old girls prove that it is more fun to grow old disgracefully than to preserve one's dignity.  They never fail to make me smile.  It is so cold this morning that I thought this picture would make the perfect post.  I plan to follow the Aunties' lead and stay close to the fire and the teapot today. However, I don't think I'll be wearing the tea cosy as a hat! 

Sunday, 11 December 2016

The Holiday Velo Vintage Ride

I had a bit of a shock yesterday when someone said 'It's only two weeks until Christmas.'  Yikes!  Really?  

I don't know why I was surprised by this revelation.  I've posted most of the Christmas cards and decorated the Christmas tree.  The holiday Velo Vintage bicycle ride has come and gone... 

No denying they were in the holiday spirit....

And decked out in their finest togs...

You can keep your noisy Christmas parades, this is the way to start the holiday season.

And after that brisk ride, everyone is invited to join them at the pub...

Where you can get a closer look at the beautifully decorated bikes...

And the superbly groomed handle bars of both kinds.

They certainly know how to bring on the festive season in style!