Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Tree Cookies

I've been doing a little last minute baking.  I've made a forest of Christmas trees using my Mom's Old Fashion Sugar Cookie Recipe

With a little unsolicited help from the Dust Bunny.

He's the official cookie inspector!  

Friday, 20 December 2013

London's Christmas Lights

Andy and I don't usually exchange gifts at Christmas.  Instead of parcels under the tree, we share a special night out.  This year it was a trip to London to see a play in the West End.  

Before the show we took a quick stroll down some of the best shopping streets in London just to see the decorations and special holiday windows.

Carnaby Street was full of these charming Robins.

Regent Street had lovely white branches surrounding roundels featuring the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Even the smaller shopping precincts were beautifully decorated...

Bloomsbury's Brunswick Centre featured decorations that changed colours resulting in a magical light show of delicate fairy lights and giant snowflakes. Christmas in London is lovely this year. 

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Has a Pink Glow

I must apologise for being such a bad blogger.  The few weeks before Christmas are so busy for all of us and having a light eating Christmas tree hasn't helped.  I've had to decorate the tree twice!  

I am just now starting my Christmas shopping and card writing.  I've only wrapped my first package today.

I had planned to wrap our parcels in brown paper but when I found that bright pink box I had to use it!  

I decided to make a special batch of Spiced Apple Jelly for Boxing Day tea.  I used up all of the home grown apples we had in storage and found they made the most beautiful pink juice.

Of course, pink apple juice makes pink jelly!  There seems to be a theme here.  Christmas is beginning to have a rosy glow.  

Monday, 2 December 2013

Twas The First of December

Twas the first of December and all through the house was a flurry of activity. Everyone was helping to decorate the Christmas tree, even the MOUSE!

I know to some people the first day of December is too soon to begin decorating the tree but I love Christmas so I try to extend the season for as long as possible.  

I must confess that I don't have my usual enthusiasm.  I think it's because we've been so busy here.  And due to the late autumn, there are still leaves on the trees.  

But as each ornament goes up on the tree I am feeling more and more festive.  

Sometimes you just have to make a start and trust that Christmas Spirit will take over.  

I like to have a theme for our decorations.  This year it's going to be all red and white.  I think it looks rather Scandinavian with the folk art tin ornaments.

I don't believe in minimalist Christmas trees so every bough is decorated. I've even stuffed in some red berries for good measure. 

It's working, it's feeling more like Christmas already!  Now, let's tackle the garlands.